Message And Hope In 2016


Entering the new year 2016 is identical or similar to opening a new chapter in our lives. A new sheet waiting to be filled with a variety of work and positive creativity. There were a number of new opportunities and challenges that we face. But there also exist a number of duties and responsibilities that we may not finish in the previous year.

Opportunities And Challenges

There are certainly many opportunities, hopes and dreams we were in previous years we can not make happen. Challenges and opportunities that would more or less the same as we’ve ever faced in the previous year.

If, in previous years we have not been able to do good, can not for example carry out all the duties and responsibilities of the wife and our children, because the kinds of obstacles and barriers, then it is time for us to move quickly take up the opportunities that exist for fulfilling all of that.

If in previous years we have not had the opportunity to visit our families or bersilaturrahmi (in Islamic terms)  and distant relatives, then it is time to set aside time to be met and formed friendships with them. Remember friends, the opportunity will never come twice. It is time for us to just share happiness with them no matter how small it is.

Messages And Hope

Do not be put off when an opportunity came up. Also, do not shy away when the guidance came knocking on the door of our hearts.

Immediately welcome his presence and many are thankful to Allah for all His gift to us.
We hope that everything can not we make happen in 2015, may God give us the ability to be able to make it happen this year, and hope that there is always a blessing and God guidance in every things we do. We hope there is always God’s guidance at every step and effort we are doing and hopefully given the ability and also the ease by Allah on every things we do. We also hope that spared of all disasters and calamities.

Thus, a bit late as the introductory notes entered the year 2016, may be useful. Aamiin.


Hai Sobat, mari kita saling menyapa dan berbagi...

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